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Rate Your Dating Skills

Some women instinctively know exactly what to do when it comes to attracting the man who’s right for them. They seem to draw men from every direction and charm them all the way to the altar. To see how your attitude and dating practices are affecting your success in the romance arena, take this quiz and learn what simple changes might change your luck with love.

Free Dating Quiz

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Only date men – even once – who meet your physical, financial or educational standards?
Ask men out on dates if you’re interested, just to get the ball rolling?
Believe you would attract the right man if you were prettier, younger, thinner, etc?
Think marriage is too dangerous these days because so many people get divorced?
Find that either your work, friendships or hobbies are unfulfilling?
Stay in relationships whether they’re headed towards marriage or not?
Secretly believe that you’re smarter than the men you date?
Regret that you broke up or divorced a certain man or men?
Believe you have to sacrifice things you like when you get married?
Have sex with a man before he commits to you exclusively?
Show affection for a man by doing helpful things for him, such as running his errands, cleaning his apartment or writing his resume?
Have a hard time finding a man you can trust?
Go for long periods without getting approached by a man for a date?
Like to develop a friendship before you start dating someone?
Feel more confident in a work setting than you do in the dating arena?
Laugh with your friends at jokes about how immature or lazy men are?
Mistrust your intuition in picking a romantic partner because it’s
let you down so many times before?
Hear yourself dismissing compliments (i.e., this dress is so old) or refusing gifts (you shouldn’t have! It’s too expensive.)?
Suspect good guys are boring?
Offer to pay your share on a date?

What Does Your Score Mean?

35 Or Less

You’re Standing in Your Own Way

You want to meet the man who’s right for you, but you’re unwittingly fending him off because you’re afraid of disappointment. You deserve to have a man who adores you and wants to make you happy, so help him get close to you by receiving graciously, making yourself available, practicing better self-care and getting rid of the ex-boyfriends who are still cluttering up your dating space. Yes, you’ve had a broken heart or two, but you can leave your ivory tower and still protect yourself. You’ll never get the relationship you crave any other way.

36 To 60

Are You Comfortable on that Fence?

You don’t like to feel vulnerable, but you’re not completely zipped up in armor either. If you’re unattached, men notice you and flirt with you, and that’s when you really get nervous. The man who’s right for you will either need a good pair of running shoes if he’s going to catch you, or you could practice standing still. Consider accepting dates liberally and think of them as practice for the dating season.

If you’re in a relationship, you may be sending out mixed messages that make him wonder if you’ll stick around. Make a point to receive gifts and compliments graciously, expressing your desires and listening to your intuition. Relax when you’re tempted to take charge, and you’ll stay out of trouble. Surrendering really will help you find the relationship you always dreamed you would have.

61 and Up

It Won’t Be Long

You have an attractive, feminine style that men recognize and respond to immediately. Either you’re already in a relationship with a great guy, or you’ll meet him by the time you finish reading this paragraph. You’re willing to risk your heart, but you’re putting the odds in your favor by setting your limits and letting him take the lead. There’s nothing to stop you from having a passionate, intimate romance.

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